Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wednesday wanderings

Found myself screaming from being alone the last couple of days. I don't know what this means about my own company but I had to pretend to have a life today.  After making it to the gym and burning breakfast calories in a matter of 35 mins I hit the showers , committed myself to empty two boxes while watching my new bff's "greys anatomy" (finished all seasons of private practice Tuesday) 
And now for the "business part of my wanderings.... Sit at coffee shop (with dependable wifi and blog)

Dressed casually in knee length flowing skirt and brown sleeveless top and sandals I strutted across the square as if I belong AND had important business to attend to once seated with coffee.  I really wanted a choco chip cookie but remembering what the scales said this morning and how hard it was to burn my breakfast I stayed strong and said "just coffee please".

Now seated at a table for two and typing away like a journalist documenting her experience I sit knowing that maybe only my daughter and possibly my sister will read this.... 
What to do with my life...

So we will do this I can make Wednesday my coffee on the square day.  I had started this once before when I visited Glen Rose and took so many pictures -- with a running monologue going inside my head.  So lets play catch up today
Glen Rose, TX is about 30 minutes from our house in granbury.  It is home to the Comanche nuclear power plant as well and squaw river.   

And really the only reason I would ever visit is to get a piece if pie from the Pie Peddlers (too many calories and short term joy)

The square has this STAR shaped fountain! (Surprised?)
And I met a gentleman than was very eager to tell me his childhood memory of coming to this ice house on Sundays for a big block of ice!
See below.. I am telling the truth!

An amazingly honest business person here!

Another claim to fame for the area - proof of dinasours! I do wonder what they will say now that science is pulling the plug on that story....but again not many areas can claim this!

And the local architecture is of simpler days and times.... Not sure that time has actually moved at all in this area now that i said that!

The houses back up to a river (name escapes me now--- no not Squaw creek!

And I wonder how you move real estate in places like this: 
But I do like the home porch.

And chimneys .... Stand alone chimneys have for ever caught my imagination. I mean families sat around  the fire places no matter the era and made memories. For whatever reason the home and family have moved on or passed on and left this stone marker of nights together.  
Glen Rose has such a chimney nested up to the river bank as well with two drive way entries...and an out building still standing... And so over grown like most man made changes to Mother Earth... 

 Only thing that can call this home now ...

And if you do decide to stay the night here they do still have rooms for the night....

Or small cabins!

Wonder how a family reacts to news they are going to glen rose for a week! Lol
Well let me see if there is anything else I need to tell you about this trip...
Texas markers are every where and even less interesting than any civil war marker... Excepti know that history and those battles so I care... I don't care about these .... Yet anyway

Well thank you for sharing this coffee with me it was like you were here except I did ALL the talking!