Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Weigh in Wednesday-- hump-day hollers....

Weigh in well that sux!  diet has gone to hell and hell again- who wants to diet let me see a show of hands!  didnt think so!  Now i am miserable and dont like myself and certainly hate getting dressed~~ got on the scales at the Drs office and right back where i was pre diet pills
Christmas 2008
Sept. 2009

june. 2010
April 2011
August 2011
and now same damn big arms and i cant turn my head enough to hide the chins:

SO weigh in at 155- and i am not happy with myself- 

so perhaps I need to stop giving myself permission to start dieting tomorrow....cause to day is the tomorrow i was waiting for.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"all art is magic...." Andrew Schweigert

one dried and pressed leaf -- August is folding into September.  The heat of summer spills over into the cool changes of fall and creates magic

I woke early 5:15 (before my 5:20 am alarm) and now I am going to be late!  well not late but not early - 
so much to do to get ready for the long weekend - my job is in my way!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

nature is my nature--

when i was a stay at home mom of 1 then 2 then 3 then 4!! i thought i needed more hours in the day to get all of them well fed, washed, edumacted, (I home schooled a couple of the smartest kids in the universe!) and groceries and cook...and blabla bla

Now the oldest is about to get married at 31 just before he turns 32! shewwww I had 3 by then and 11 years under my belt!  love you guys!

Our oldest Daughter (22) married 2011 and just recently moved out of state!

Our second born and our second son- moved away in Feb of this year- it was a sudden job transfer and it was very hard for me but man has he made a wonderful wonderful choice
He is not a cowboy and he is not a redneck! he is very successful poser!

and last but certainly not lease is the remaining college student that traveled 4 hours away from home to go to college!  She teaches Ballet to little ladies and studies, goes to the library to use the large screens for PINTEREST! 

So my point in all of this bla bla is that they are all moved away and I STILL need more hours in a day! to work at my job 8hrs, go to the gym/ run (slim down for that wedding) water my flowers

*******************Feed the wild things!************

And think and create for the Ode to Nature class offered by Alisa Burke

***********************and doodle and water paint***********************

And low and behold try to mingle with others in my class--when suddenly i remember I have to pack!!! I am going to see by married daughter for the weekend!! HOORAY!

destined to be behind the rest of my life but oh am i loving it!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

time for some ... rambling?

Believe it or not I think of this blog at least once a day and often more times than that- I want to share something important (or not) something funny  or at least something with someone.

Life after four kids and 33 almost 34 years of marriage and i can still be lonely.
I have a burning image of an art pic i want to create but i can't put others on hold and focus.

The people in my life, my family, my extended friends and family are very dear to me.  Like my own mother, i can drop anything in a beat when someone comes by or asks for my attention to show or tell me something.  If it is important enough for them to call me by name (mom or jennifer) then it is even more important to me.

Text messages hence are very important to me!
even from espn! - mlb - updates on Braves!! (whitney added it so i could stay up with andrew and the braves)

This weekend was spent in mode of "ummm" not like a zen "om" but a so this is life "ummmmm???"

wandered so old neighborhood in marietta where a home owner ( suspect an elderly) lost his wife to eternal rest so he lost his flare for life and his garden--
Home after love is gone:

It caused alot of thinking--

looking thru my own window of time always causes a mix of emotions-
Cucumbers. tomatoes, and okra ablaze---

a barrow filled with memories of weddings and a day of shopping for the right plants with morgan not to mention a MASTER PIECE panted on the side of wheel barrow - love on wheels!!??!

ahhh days on the deck with with those i love---