Monday, April 14, 2014

And winter gets us by the balls again ...

Just going into spring - nature has truly left me in awe.
Indian paintbrush... bluebonnets...scattered fields of color
And spring greens out my front window are simply amazing because all tree and bush limbs were bare just 2 days ago!
A little rain and sun well...

and how awesome sun and warm temps feel on my lonely bones --> then winter jumps up and reminds us it's not dead yet! 

** Like a reawakened zombie...(yes thanks to rain on sunday we are all "walking dead" caught up)

And instantly my energy is gone and all I want to do is eat and my jeans feel tight... I am trapped in the house because I am not going out in the "cold" 40's again!!

So trapped in the house with a Texas breeze of 40 mph winds whipping the bird feeders around! A box of unmade brownies calling my name louder than the weight watchers weigh in tomorrow!  
My cellphone becomes my lifeline! I will talk to those I missed this weekend.
..these are my people! 

My role with each of these peps is different-- even with each of our children! Being the Jaja is most def my fav. Opal likes my funny noises, still thinks I am smart and creative (she is only 10 months old!) and I never mean to keep my daughter on FaceTime more than 10-15 mins but I do sometimes... All she has to do is say its nap time or I need to get ready for hubby to be home and I hang up quickly!

Same with our married oldest son... But he lives in the guest loft 400 ft away so he doesn't have to chat with me but if he did I know his wife is his priority...he will drink beer with me any where and anytime and we can chat or sit glad to have him in Texas with us...

Son #2 really doesn't need much either... No words really - I am ok sitting quietly and having a beer on the beach with him! He figured what he wanted in life at 18 - money! And he is doing just fine... And I live for sunset beach pics from him... And the occasional time to talk... Don't think he will miss us to badly when we die...he just makes his life the way he wants it without any parental help...and he has done an excellent job. He knows he is loved and well that's all he needs! Not even the birthday gifts I sent .. Still hasn't opened one of them and except for the hooters card he won't be too impressed but he knows we were thinking of him his birthday week!
The youngest, the the most beautiful, most stubborn, hardheaded, undecided, bi-polar, talented, creative, painfully-honest, optimist of them all!
 (Am I just getting to an age where I am less patient?)

She needs us but not in any role that her siblings needed us! We can only respond in a tone and with the exact words she already assumed we would say!  But she will call and chat endlessly about what an awesome weekend is coming up, how her kids parents (she's a Nanny and gym coach) rewarded her with praise and or financial tips!

My Einstein believes the youngest makes me laugh more than any of the kids... But she can make me the maddest, and hurt me the quickest... 

This afternoon something I said made her mad and in her style (painfully off the top of her head) 
"Ok, I gotta hang up you are making me mad!"  She has moved out of a friends apartment (male) into another friends (female) So the text I got from her this weekend to last thru the week with was her and her box homeless:

So I didn't get to laugh with her, or end on a good feeling and I wish I hadn't accept her call - And waited to talk to her when I would be less likely to say stupid stuff that aggravates her..

Well babies stay safe and warm and have a great week...think I will call opal or phyllis!