Thursday, May 30, 2013

Green acres part I

What a great day! I mean there have been a lot if them but to have a day like to day was super cause the baby seemed to embrace the area (which is so very quite compared to Gawga college town)

And I backed the John deer up like a pro over the ramp! And cut the grass with it and the push mower cause i did need instruction on how to make the blade drop! Duhhh! And I got two rooms box free and hung a picture! Made happy hour and dinner for my man AND walked the dog while cackling with my sister BFF!
Here is the table with lowes rescued plants beded
Youngest embracing the moment lol! Hey you do what you have to!

And she needed wine and a tan

And happy hour!

There was one thing that was actually done yesterday - I was immunized for my grandbaby! Now me who is anti mass anything did this so the mother to be ( my sweet baby) would not have more to worry about! I did not even have her immunized till 7th grade and I felt she was healthy enough to take them all.  Our second son had a seizure caused by the dpt (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) so I did all in my power to keep our younger ones from getting them and he never got another.

As the pharmacy tech gave me mine she said it is in the best interest of the baby because they have such weak immune systems the first couple of months -- bullshit they have the same immunity as the mother nursing them!!! They are covering asses again in case there is someone in the hospital with it!

I am a little surprised my daughter asked us to but I am a little surprised that I did it so easily! But I must say again that medicine and government have their place and don't need to tell us to do everything we live in a free country! (Only real choice really protected is abortion)

Ok off my box and almost ready for bed! And excited to seethe baby bed all set up! 
Look how hard i was working! And princess was sipping wine with a straw on the porch!

And my momma so long ago pushing while we watched

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wednesday a week here!

A week ago the largest hail in my universe hit town just before the worst tornado seen here in seven years. The hail hit my car but thankfully the tornado stayed 5 miles away! 
Tonight was beautiful out with a most perfect breeze and tinted skies! And of course it helps that at least one of our babies is here! And I just stood on the porch and watched her get home safely!

We went out for a bit today and met Zoro-- one of our many neighbors that like to graze all day it was so nice to have time to stop and share a few carrots with the big guy (pic didnt show up on my iPad will try again tomorrow)

Tomorrow will be a big unpack day...

Sheeezzzz Louise - moving right along

Well our "baby" came home and seems to be struggling a bit. I completely understand but if I could just put her in a crate until she absorbers the idea... Thankfully she has been able to put a lot of energy into her new space (100 ft or so from the main house) and our pups are happy to be together again
Marley and Mitas in a chilling mode (it didn't last long)
And an artist very hard at work on her space and her new home.
Fabulous ideas I didn't grasp at home depot--are coming together so nicely!
And hey I accomplished this and no one noticed
And unpacked about 6 bedroom boxes! Mitas and Marley think our bed is their bed~~

And last but not least I found a few of my fav things again!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our fav outside wind mobile

It is delightfully windy as hell out here lol! But at least we don't notice the 90+ temps! And can sit in this magical yard - almost together! Just as bobby sat in his hammock to enjoy it he remembered he has to get an insurance estimate on the broken cry window- thanks to the storms on the first night we lived here lol
 And I am going to paint my fav table for our deck -- want it to start the summer season bright

Back later to show you more
Ok even with the wind blowing the paint right off my brush I got most of it painted and then ran out of paint! But here are a couple to show the progress and I wish I could type all that wandered they my k
Little creative mind in the process~~ ok getting started
And movin along~~

Till I found my self here
Just the inside to do and the wind is blowing so hard that my pic looks blurry~~ but I am thinking of using the gray 'metal' I used in the "pond/fountain" on the divider of the table I mean I can always paint over it again!
Did I mention we got the hammocks out?
But marley prefers the couch~~~

Friday, May 17, 2013

Texas size ~~ no thank you!

We have been relocated (preferred over being let go!) from Georgia to Texas! And while that has been fun? And exciting? Especially for some one my age!?!?! (Bite me!!) it also means life is upside down and on expenses and then per-diem! Oh so much freebies to enjoy and I love beer! And so does Texas so we have that in common and now I am almost as big as Texas!
I realize some are bigger and some may have thought I "carry the weight well" is that like pretty in the face? But it only matters what I feel like I this point of life!
I have a wonderful husband and lord knows I don't want another man in my life! I don't care what the young 20's or 30's or even some 40's think about me - I just want to feel good for me!

I may have to remind myself of this motto many times over the next bit but that is my motivation pure and simple - I want to wear what I like (jeans n tshirts! And hippie skirts and tops) and walk in and know a small - med will cover me! I want my feet to stop hurting and stuffing my face with junk cause it is free or cause I am emotionally too upset to unpack a box or create a good drawing or healthy meal!

I want to be healthy for me myself and my family! I want to be able to jump in a car and join any in activity I get included in! And I have a wonderful reason with number one grandbaby on her way!

So today started with a healthy (slow and steady) walk in the new neighborhood, and a Vi-shape shake and yogurt! (Yes I am hungry as I type thus! And thinking about the cupcakes the neighbor brought last night but going to put it off with a bottle of water) 

A couple of views from the walk one in cases forget I am inTexas! 
And my personal trainer ~~ Marley! Always ready to pull me forward!

Monday, May 13, 2013

May 12 - Mother's Day one month relocation anniversary

Yesterday marked one month that we had to be out of the old and headed to the new!
We crossed over the Mississippi and kept going west!

The weeks have been so busy before and after that I can help but hit some of the high points. 

First weekend here we hit the arts festival - very beautiful art nothing typical of craft fairs we had seen before and these large wind mobiles were both of our favorites! And several thousands of dollars!
(Obviously we have very good taste??)
We saw our first trick roper act! And he got much better thru the show!
Saw waitresses in really short skirts!
And no Einstein you can not go there without me!

We wandered and hiked and found lots of music and beer
Love the stepping stones of progress
These buildings help us find our way around the Sundance Square and of course we worked on our saucer at the Flying Saucer beer spot
This was very ummy! 
And Einstein enjoys his very dark stouts
Very nice modern buildings as well
This is actually on a college campus in town
Trinity park system is next to our hotel-home and it is near the botanical gardens so lots of great walking - 
Beautiful old live oaks
And a movie tavern that serves beer and food during the movies!
Huge dandelions! 
Bike stations that you can rent and ride for 30 minutes or a day--and did I mention beer and barbeque!? 
And I worked for a couple weeks but not quite ready for the 8-5 at least without a home
Beautiful old court house in Fort Worth,tx!
And of course beer and tunes at Fred's Texas 

Wild things at the Pour House bar with Velcro Pygmies! 
And then we closed on our house! But no furniture for two more weeks! 
We got this great lil guy this past weekend ( I guess it was sorta a Mother's Day??? Hmmmm!
Next chapter discoveries in Granbury!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Home at last

A is ours but we still live in a hotel -so much to do to get ready for our stuff.  The house has been empty over a year so spiders, bugs and furry friends have run free. They won't be running at all much longer - thanks to Einstein! And poison!

It was so nice to open windows and wash down base boards and windows and wood floors to smell clean again.  Did you know that if the water doesn't run regularly it will start to stink and you have to run it for about twenty minutes! Shhheeewwwweee the "guest house" smelled really bad!

We dumped out our little water fountain that is super cheap and stupid looking and I will either talk Einstein into a new one or wonder if I could spray it with primer and gray. I will look into that.

Trimmed bushes, edged around the party deck... And Einstein and I worked like a team! Very nice indeed! Marley hung out on the porch while we went into town and ate at babe's a family style chicken.
We wandered the square as well