Thursday, May 30, 2013

Green acres part I

What a great day! I mean there have been a lot if them but to have a day like to day was super cause the baby seemed to embrace the area (which is so very quite compared to Gawga college town)

And I backed the John deer up like a pro over the ramp! And cut the grass with it and the push mower cause i did need instruction on how to make the blade drop! Duhhh! And I got two rooms box free and hung a picture! Made happy hour and dinner for my man AND walked the dog while cackling with my sister BFF!
Here is the table with lowes rescued plants beded
Youngest embracing the moment lol! Hey you do what you have to!

And she needed wine and a tan

And happy hour!

There was one thing that was actually done yesterday - I was immunized for my grandbaby! Now me who is anti mass anything did this so the mother to be ( my sweet baby) would not have more to worry about! I did not even have her immunized till 7th grade and I felt she was healthy enough to take them all.  Our second son had a seizure caused by the dpt (tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) so I did all in my power to keep our younger ones from getting them and he never got another.

As the pharmacy tech gave me mine she said it is in the best interest of the baby because they have such weak immune systems the first couple of months -- bullshit they have the same immunity as the mother nursing them!!! They are covering asses again in case there is someone in the hospital with it!

I am a little surprised my daughter asked us to but I am a little surprised that I did it so easily! But I must say again that medicine and government have their place and don't need to tell us to do everything we live in a free country! (Only real choice really protected is abortion)

Ok off my box and almost ready for bed! And excited to seethe baby bed all set up! 
Look how hard i was working! And princess was sipping wine with a straw on the porch!

And my momma so long ago pushing while we watched

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