Saturday, May 4, 2013

Home at last

A is ours but we still live in a hotel -so much to do to get ready for our stuff.  The house has been empty over a year so spiders, bugs and furry friends have run free. They won't be running at all much longer - thanks to Einstein! And poison!

It was so nice to open windows and wash down base boards and windows and wood floors to smell clean again.  Did you know that if the water doesn't run regularly it will start to stink and you have to run it for about twenty minutes! Shhheeewwwweee the "guest house" smelled really bad!

We dumped out our little water fountain that is super cheap and stupid looking and I will either talk Einstein into a new one or wonder if I could spray it with primer and gray. I will look into that.

Trimmed bushes, edged around the party deck... And Einstein and I worked like a team! Very nice indeed! Marley hung out on the porch while we went into town and ate at babe's a family style chicken.
We wandered the square as well

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