Friday, May 17, 2013

Texas size ~~ no thank you!

We have been relocated (preferred over being let go!) from Georgia to Texas! And while that has been fun? And exciting? Especially for some one my age!?!?! (Bite me!!) it also means life is upside down and on expenses and then per-diem! Oh so much freebies to enjoy and I love beer! And so does Texas so we have that in common and now I am almost as big as Texas!
I realize some are bigger and some may have thought I "carry the weight well" is that like pretty in the face? But it only matters what I feel like I this point of life!
I have a wonderful husband and lord knows I don't want another man in my life! I don't care what the young 20's or 30's or even some 40's think about me - I just want to feel good for me!

I may have to remind myself of this motto many times over the next bit but that is my motivation pure and simple - I want to wear what I like (jeans n tshirts! And hippie skirts and tops) and walk in and know a small - med will cover me! I want my feet to stop hurting and stuffing my face with junk cause it is free or cause I am emotionally too upset to unpack a box or create a good drawing or healthy meal!

I want to be healthy for me myself and my family! I want to be able to jump in a car and join any in activity I get included in! And I have a wonderful reason with number one grandbaby on her way!

So today started with a healthy (slow and steady) walk in the new neighborhood, and a Vi-shape shake and yogurt! (Yes I am hungry as I type thus! And thinking about the cupcakes the neighbor brought last night but going to put it off with a bottle of water) 

A couple of views from the walk one in cases forget I am inTexas! 
And my personal trainer ~~ Marley! Always ready to pull me forward!

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  1. Toss the cupcakes in the trash! I know it feels wasteful but as long as they sit in the house they will get eaten eventually..... seems obvious but I am just learning this myself ;)