Monday, May 13, 2013

May 12 - Mother's Day one month relocation anniversary

Yesterday marked one month that we had to be out of the old and headed to the new!
We crossed over the Mississippi and kept going west!

The weeks have been so busy before and after that I can help but hit some of the high points. 

First weekend here we hit the arts festival - very beautiful art nothing typical of craft fairs we had seen before and these large wind mobiles were both of our favorites! And several thousands of dollars!
(Obviously we have very good taste??)
We saw our first trick roper act! And he got much better thru the show!
Saw waitresses in really short skirts!
And no Einstein you can not go there without me!

We wandered and hiked and found lots of music and beer
Love the stepping stones of progress
These buildings help us find our way around the Sundance Square and of course we worked on our saucer at the Flying Saucer beer spot
This was very ummy! 
And Einstein enjoys his very dark stouts
Very nice modern buildings as well
This is actually on a college campus in town
Trinity park system is next to our hotel-home and it is near the botanical gardens so lots of great walking - 
Beautiful old live oaks
And a movie tavern that serves beer and food during the movies!
Huge dandelions! 
Bike stations that you can rent and ride for 30 minutes or a day--and did I mention beer and barbeque!? 
And I worked for a couple weeks but not quite ready for the 8-5 at least without a home
Beautiful old court house in Fort Worth,tx!
And of course beer and tunes at Fred's Texas 

Wild things at the Pour House bar with Velcro Pygmies! 
And then we closed on our house! But no furniture for two more weeks! 
We got this great lil guy this past weekend ( I guess it was sorta a Mother's Day??? Hmmmm!
Next chapter discoveries in Granbury!!!

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