Sunday, November 27, 2011

StArT NoW!

just start- put something on that paper - words, paint, pictures- layers-
too many choices
more direction
less freedom-

While flipping thru some art journal books in Michaels I saw where a woman journals her months on small "tabs" 1 per day and at the end of the month has a wonderful 2 page spread illed with importance of the days gone by-

learning is great, exposure to ideas is fabulous but ... there comes a point when all the styles, all the dimensions of ideas must become my own.
House DIY ideas
Planting flowers-
painting pics...
physically fit and eager for 10k's
a good cook .. a healthnut
it is all wonderful- but which is mine?
So after getting bored putting balls on the tree (cause I also have to put a ribbon thru them to hang them)

it was a quick run to michaels---for more stimulation and ribbon-- then home: to START NOW

white christmas

this song bubbles up when joy is in my heart. Not just happy but the deeper more filling emotion of joy---obviously it bubbles less and less. But I thought what a great way to remind myself of joy if the theme of the winter holidays is white winter--

snow does little for me except thrill me that the routine of life will be changed for a couple of days--and the noise of the universe will be much more excited too.

but fake snow ~ well maybe it can help steady the emotional ride of the holidays past crashing into the holiday of today.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I hear you knocking but you cant come in!!!

cause if i let you in i may knock you in the head!

is love so hard for some one that is so freakin smart? often it seems selfishness or arrogance or interested in thinking about things in a super genius way and not wanting to share those thoughts with their "soul mate" (I hate that word fyi) after all, "i have a masters in ..." every thing but love.

team player ha, I am very good at team and letting the others look better than me! he isnt a team player and likes to only give partial info so that he looks like a f*^% wizard!

lonesome, broken hearted, longing to belong, ...

Saturday, November 12, 2011


    There are so many wonderful artists out there- and I struggle to be brave enough to be my own.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

herty gerty thursday

so badly wanted to have a great word for the day but, how bout herty gerty is sad-

but the song came to mind on my way home with my new running shoes and socks, 3 bottles of wine--

big effort....just write!

ramble if you have to! but get in here! Northern Exposure is my most recent obsession and the words that flow from the mouths of the characters are intriguing and mesmerizing. They bring a smile or comfort in the simplicity of the beauty of life. It makes me want to "own them" but then....

winnie the pooh is filled with great wisdoms as well just not big words! ;0). Not sure I like all of this "quote" but from Laurie Bridges:
nope it wasnt my fav....but she pulls out some good points

"So loved" she doesnt know me! but dont stay in a bad situation....well how do i change it? it would take great energy and courage and that is when the anchor drops--- what a ucking cop out! the energy that flowed thru me a year ago--it came from going for it! it was fueled by more pushing, the thing that stops me is his face, his words his judgement--he is suppose to be my soul mate-

there is a great fantasy of mine--- small house or town house, 3 bedroom. joy truly coming from being together--well that is a song for later

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

working wednesday..

"8 days a week "

another work day another tune.... it was so nice to be missed at work tho and it was nice to be busy. SO I went to the grocery and made some dinner~~

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

new york new york...

this was a day started with New York New York stuck in my head~ why? I dont know where the bubbles come from only that they come! and some days are so full of bubbles....
our youngest of four turns another year older today--- and one of my fav things she said today
"ok, "How much is that puppy in the window" is stuck in my head WHY?"

haha obviously you learned it from me singing it one day or maybe more than one day.

melancholic tunes followed me home. The unsung tunes of sad, of days gone by and wonder how many are left to explore.

live THE life!! the life of the fucking universe!