Thursday, November 10, 2011

big effort....just write!

ramble if you have to! but get in here! Northern Exposure is my most recent obsession and the words that flow from the mouths of the characters are intriguing and mesmerizing. They bring a smile or comfort in the simplicity of the beauty of life. It makes me want to "own them" but then....

winnie the pooh is filled with great wisdoms as well just not big words! ;0). Not sure I like all of this "quote" but from Laurie Bridges:
nope it wasnt my fav....but she pulls out some good points

"So loved" she doesnt know me! but dont stay in a bad situation....well how do i change it? it would take great energy and courage and that is when the anchor drops--- what a ucking cop out! the energy that flowed thru me a year ago--it came from going for it! it was fueled by more pushing, the thing that stops me is his face, his words his judgement--he is suppose to be my soul mate-

there is a great fantasy of mine--- small house or town house, 3 bedroom. joy truly coming from being together--well that is a song for later

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