Sunday, November 27, 2011

StArT NoW!

just start- put something on that paper - words, paint, pictures- layers-
too many choices
more direction
less freedom-

While flipping thru some art journal books in Michaels I saw where a woman journals her months on small "tabs" 1 per day and at the end of the month has a wonderful 2 page spread illed with importance of the days gone by-

learning is great, exposure to ideas is fabulous but ... there comes a point when all the styles, all the dimensions of ideas must become my own.
House DIY ideas
Planting flowers-
painting pics...
physically fit and eager for 10k's
a good cook .. a healthnut
it is all wonderful- but which is mine?
So after getting bored putting balls on the tree (cause I also have to put a ribbon thru them to hang them)

it was a quick run to michaels---for more stimulation and ribbon-- then home: to START NOW

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