Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sheeezzzz Louise - moving right along

Well our "baby" came home and seems to be struggling a bit. I completely understand but if I could just put her in a crate until she absorbers the idea... Thankfully she has been able to put a lot of energy into her new space (100 ft or so from the main house) and our pups are happy to be together again
Marley and Mitas in a chilling mode (it didn't last long)
And an artist very hard at work on her space and her new home.
Fabulous ideas I didn't grasp at home depot--are coming together so nicely!
And hey I accomplished this and no one noticed
And unpacked about 6 bedroom boxes! Mitas and Marley think our bed is their bed~~

And last but not least I found a few of my fav things again!

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