Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our fav outside wind mobile

It is delightfully windy as hell out here lol! But at least we don't notice the 90+ temps! And can sit in this magical yard - almost together! Just as bobby sat in his hammock to enjoy it he remembered he has to get an insurance estimate on the broken cry window- thanks to the storms on the first night we lived here lol
 And I am going to paint my fav table for our deck -- want it to start the summer season bright

Back later to show you more
Ok even with the wind blowing the paint right off my brush I got most of it painted and then ran out of paint! But here are a couple to show the progress and I wish I could type all that wandered they my k
Little creative mind in the process~~ ok getting started
And movin along~~

Till I found my self here
Just the inside to do and the wind is blowing so hard that my pic looks blurry~~ but I am thinking of using the gray 'metal' I used in the "pond/fountain" on the divider of the table I mean I can always paint over it again!
Did I mention we got the hammocks out?
But marley prefers the couch~~~


  1. That backyard really does seem magical. I am so impressed you were able to find one like it in TEXAS! ...way to go - breathing life back in to last summer's relic. Can't believe it has been more than a year since we spent days just building things and planting things in the marietta backyard. isn't it special to have made those memories there before we even had ANY clue that you would be leaving slater mill.


  2. I hope you saw the finished product picture -- I realized we were here at the same time! And yes a year ago so clueless! LoL of all the amazing changes of 2013!