Monday, April 22, 2013

New Monday

Monday in a new town for a week and I started a new job with the same company I worked for in Atlanta - very different position though and a much better paycheck!
Took about 45 mins to get there this morning land only a brief encounter with slow to stop traffic.

Different personalities in this office of course and they personalities of these work places always interest me (such an HR kinda person) hmmm wonder if we need sports team thirty day.....
Def needs team building all texans think they are islands that make up this great state and this office is no different.
Any way lots of little interesting moments and my dear Einstein didn't once ask me about it until at dinner I said  "I wanted to tell you about my day!"  He replies, " yes I want to hear!" But he is looking at blowing menus at our table and obviously not there so I stop mid sentence to see if he is listening... Nope he's not. Oh well he is playing "what if" scenarios about getting our youngest chickie out here and she can be rather demanding.
"If you pick her up you are done for the day, you're not going back to work." Hmmmmm wonder when he thought I died and made him my boss???? I will do what I want thank you Einstein!

So tired, well hydrated and well walked but feel full and over weight....and a lil' uninteresting......
But tomorrow is new Tuesday!

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