Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wow April here we are

Amazing how the past three months have had a speed unseen before (tg!). But we put our house on the market and sold it to the first person that called the first morning! And all the finishing hoops have been jumped thru (thank you SO much my own dear Einstein) We have a house we are going to be moving into at the end of this month in Texas.  We just celebrated our first grandbaby  with family and friends (can't wait to see your pics Sweet daughter of mine )

So I have caught you and me up with events that have certainly taken my time but that I have also allowed as an excuse to not take the best self care and now I also have a new "career" that I am very excited about and want to look my best to be my best.

Today may be April 2 but it is the first day in serious care to get back into my Levi's! Loooove my jeans and halter tops! But we won't push it at 55! (But who freakin knows what I am really capable of huh?).
So to day was a very aerobic walk with the four legged trainer names Marley --- and a very hard day 1 of  "gorilla workout" (voted number one exersice app) that might have taken 8 minutes (need to time it)
It is also the first day in a seven day detox that I plan on repeating till I get at least 4 consecutive days following the rules (except for that one rule about NO COFFEE - sorry bite me!).  It is rightfully called
Spring Detox

Also want to clean up our outside a bit to prepare it for packing and saw on one of the many trillion of blogs I read that the bald man that saved my marriage in the bathroom is excellent for cleaning out door furniture too! Think I will try him out on the litter boxes too.

And then of course after we get moved I want to plant and grow all sorts of flowers veggies and herbs
Need to go to the Fort Worth botanical gardens and see what they are growing

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