Sunday, August 5, 2012

time for some ... rambling?

Believe it or not I think of this blog at least once a day and often more times than that- I want to share something important (or not) something funny  or at least something with someone.

Life after four kids and 33 almost 34 years of marriage and i can still be lonely.
I have a burning image of an art pic i want to create but i can't put others on hold and focus.

The people in my life, my family, my extended friends and family are very dear to me.  Like my own mother, i can drop anything in a beat when someone comes by or asks for my attention to show or tell me something.  If it is important enough for them to call me by name (mom or jennifer) then it is even more important to me.

Text messages hence are very important to me!
even from espn! - mlb - updates on Braves!! (whitney added it so i could stay up with andrew and the braves)

This weekend was spent in mode of "ummm" not like a zen "om" but a so this is life "ummmmm???"

wandered so old neighborhood in marietta where a home owner ( suspect an elderly) lost his wife to eternal rest so he lost his flare for life and his garden--
Home after love is gone:

It caused alot of thinking--

looking thru my own window of time always causes a mix of emotions-
Cucumbers. tomatoes, and okra ablaze---

a barrow filled with memories of weddings and a day of shopping for the right plants with morgan not to mention a MASTER PIECE panted on the side of wheel barrow - love on wheels!!??!

ahhh days on the deck with with those i love---

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