Sunday, July 29, 2012

i love my phone and i want to marry it!

i have had crappy phones every since we got the cell phone oh almost 10 years ago.
It wasnt until recently as my babies moved further away that i thought of the cell phone as a very necessary part of my life and the better the phone the better our communication - it is worth working 40 hours a week in a small gray cube just for this amazing tool

yesterday it was love all over again as i left the house with a recently downloaded "couch to 5k" app.
Time to get into shape or in better shape before the oldest child of ours marries in September.  

I pressed the start training button and this nice lady said "walk briskly" So i did! and then i wondered if i could hear pandora radio while the training lady was around - and yep!! DMB began singing "Bartender" 

and i was moving briskly when the nice young lady said "Ok let's jog" so for the next minute I did-- and I was smiling and taking notes of things i wanted to take pictures of and share with my kids on the way back---

 so or 2.09 miles I jogged when she said jog and i walked when she said walk and sang all the way with DMB.  Turned around at this sign and this was plenty far for my first day

As I turned around the phone buzzed that i had a message-- It was from hard working beach baby party monster son  "Started early this morning"

So we shared a few moments of chat and pics
His view
and My VIEW

Shared a new experience his baby sister was in the middle of -- yes it is a sewing machine! lol
I walked in the door this morning after a jog and a long walk and a chat with one of our babies and said I LOVE MY PHONE it is awesome and I WANNA MARRY IT!

Friday afternoon we heard from Chicago Dears shared new rug pics!!

and we shared we are all out to eat picture

It was a great weekend with close enough to touch babies and even with those far away

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  1. i love our phones too!!! Keep you in touch and get you out on runs. Who would have thought there would ever be such a tool?

    p.s. i am VERY jealous of Ry's sewing machine! I have been wanting one for a couple of months. I will have to ask her some questions.