Thursday, July 5, 2012

funny little songs funny little ideas ...

a strange song got into my head the other day and i couldnt stand it a minute longer!   Joan dear- Joan Baez a wonderful folk song artist did so many different songs so why did that one get stuck! I dont even know all the words...only

 "Virgil quick come see there goes the Robert E. Lee...the night they drove old dixie down...nanananananannnannnna" (in purple cause i think folk singers like purple, specially folk singers from the real hippy day....

hell the year i was born she was 17 so you know this woman deserves respect but why does that damn song get stuck-- check it out follow the link - listen and see if you can remember any of it!

then for the first time in eons i had a creative - sketching impulse that wouldnt let me sleep till I drew it! so i did and made myself stay up and sketched this: 

nothing fancy but it just had to be done ya know-- and then on the way home from work i put it together in my head for a canvas- yep canvas i havent wanted to go near a canvas! lol so something a little weird going on here-

Then einstein and i just had our first date anniversary--- 34 years ago on the fourth of july my mom asked me to go to the store and get her some beer- he lived 2 doors down from us and we hadn't seen each other in oh 3 or 4 years (he was away in college) and he stood up from a lounge chair (shouldve been my first warning) and he had the most beautiful eyes, build, long blonde hair and a tan- (last one since that day fyi)  OMG he was a rock star and he was pretending to hitch hike so of course I picked him up---
couple of funny things from that moment
*one truly funny- it was a bench front seat and I am 5 ft tall had he was a tad over 6 so he had to sit with his knees up to his ears! and acted like that was his fav way to ride!
* we took the beer to my house and of course my mom talked at record speed of excitement while he seemed to either not understand or could care less.  she was bragging about me in my last year of college (which had been my most wildest ever) and he really didnt interact at all- another clue-
*he asked me out (on a date) sorta for the next night but i had to work and put off my steady so we moved it out to July 6th.  and that my dears is a story for another entry--
TEASER-- I didnt get home till 5 AM- sober as a Nun! and learned more about nuclear power than anyone should on a date parked under an oak tree!


  1. hahaha "put off my steady" -- mom, no one says stuff like that anymore ;-) i LOVE old stories like this, you should start a series of them. and that sketch is beautiful and will make a great canvas piece.

  2. you only came by a minute ago- and i should so yall (einstien's kids) could understand this strange land i am in