Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday tunes--bubbles from an old brain

wandering from my cubicle hell

before i loose my mind completely and going to the starbucks.... a "forgiven" leave of absence is a run to starbucks --- and i walk in and order a chocolate chunk cookie and an iced latte.  Suddenly i wanted to cry-  It was and is hot as hell, I hate being in gray cloth walled room for 8+ hours and no confirmation from the queen b that she is appreciative of the hours and work I have done- and my starbucks partner my cookie sharer has moved away- far away!

I had to coach myself to not let it flow but to be a big girl, wash my face and get back in that gd cube and make some dollars so i can pay for this great phone i so love!  and i really really love it and want to marry it!

Got home (with still a mountain of work left undone) after 9 hours in the world of gray felt and called my starbucks partner!  Her voice lightened my heart immediately! and I heard a touch of boredom and "what am i gonna do now" in her voice and instantly felt like this is a problem i understand oh so well-- only to have a ferocious storm break thru the heat/humidity and with lots of lightening, thunder and hard rain I had to rush thru my conversation to close windows, pick tomatoes.

when i snapped this picture i wondered if the neighbors should give approval of how they sorta show up in all my pics - but thankfully they are not too paranoid and probably wont care since no one reads my blog anyway! lol!  But as i walked away with this pic I thought--- the similarities between my starbucks partner and myself are amazing   She was so very busy especially the last 3 years here in school, working, and planning her wedding- and now she is home .... waiting wondering and planning -
I was so very busy for oh 28 years of my life (especially 21) and now well i work for my phone but I wait for all to come home for visits and remember when they were all here all day!

love you my babies

Oh yea almost for got to tell the song of the mind bubble today was... "well hello dolly, well hello dolly with Carol Channing just like I saw her in NEW YORK 1977

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