Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hot hot 'lanta nights

It started like this on friday with a bit of Doobie tribute band on the little town square.

it was about 101 degrees and it had been such a week watching another baby leave the nest...

So that first weekend as empty nesters - again - was not any easier.  We get so excited when the birdies ask for temporary housing but then they need to leave again!
So our space will go from this:

SO back to Friday:  we danced  the night away taken it to the streets

and some of us just kept trying to fly! 

Then all day saturday well i mourned and did laundry and baby sat for my son's pets and NO that doesnt make them my grand pets!  but they were cute

yes Grey Kitty's can sit on the table

 *******and yes GD (Grey Dog) is smiling!*****

then you have Sunday-- I had to really worked hard to get in the cooking mood again 
(healthy good home made fresh) and it led me to this dish for tonight:

Fresh cold Gazpacho Soup from the Pioneer woman.  blackened fish from Sam's warehouse.  I was out of cucumbers so used the lighter green leaves of the romaine lettuce that was in the fridge.  Fresh squeeze of lime and basil and oregano and it was a very delicious!
But the einstein holds the trophy for the weekend TA-dah!!
we have had baby owls swooning us every evening for a week and each day it sent the man to the internet first (OF COURSE!) 
 and then the idea and plans kept him up at night until at last this weekend-
 The owl box...

a mission so strong to his heart that he couldnt leave the process long enough to eat dinner so I brought it to him so he could continue to stain the box

same color as our deck --- I call it "Dunmovin Brown"

 and added the roof! that he hopes will be too slick for squirrels

                   Climbed up to the highest point do-able (and it was only 102 degrees)

                        When he gets it into his head to do something  he gives it 105%

                      and he got this beautiful box up for future feathered families

ahhh and now we all go off to start another week!  cause i need to keep up with all those dang kiddos! spread out all over the place

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