Friday, June 29, 2012

and now...

I have about one minute before i need to hop into the shower. and no picture ready to upload and dont think i can upload from my new phone to my old laptop any way!!

But we have watched and encouraged and cheered as another has left the nest! And omg it is so exciting - I can still feel my own thrill when we struck out to be our own new family -
The feelings inside my heart are like none I have ever felt in my life! not good not bad just very new.
Embracing change has not always been so difficult for me though...that is how i survived and mostly thrived in my life.  History, personal history, when you wake up and feel you have more personal history than you had before... wtf do you do with that?

7 minutes past shower time!! but this space in the universe is claimed

Welcome home morgan and andrew to your own home!

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