Friday, June 8, 2012

friday blablabla text messaging

there is a tornado in my heart (or head- sometimes i can not tell them apart)
extremely busy at work because i was flying solo 4 outta 5 days and it what we call "billing week"

text messages of various importance came thru all week long - of course to me they are all extremely important.  a few about a hair cut and a visit home from orlando -- and "oh yea i had a lunch date with a very petite, pretty sara"....
a few from our local souls about kittens and how to raise them and when a brother could take them ... and a couple from the married daughter ...

i love them and i cannot imagine life without text messaging!!

one or two that really do make me lol from my older- than- dirt -sister. she an i can laugh and be sarcastic about anything absolutely anything!  and to hear she has 51 black skirts in her attic well is honestly hilarious (fyi this word should have 2 l's)  honestly if she would blog with me it would be a huge hit!

talked to my middle sister, and while she doesnt make me laugh... her life means the  world to me! I love every one of her characters and their plots---

my cuzin's that i have gone 11 years without in my life text me thru the week as well-- they update their family statuses and more than another but they both make me laugh as well-- pretty sure we could have fun any where but only if one would have a drink with us---  no other cuz's pay us much attention...that is ok my momma raised me better than that!

time has become so precious to me this week...words...memories... what if's.... life is so fucking unfair PERIOD! faith or not! it is unfair!

"her only sin is familiarity" (mad men 2012)  i dont want to be familiar! i want to be desired above all! who the hell thought of "familiarity" and how do you get rid of it?

"she looked like she was asleep, we saw her before we left for the day and at noon we come home to see if she packed to leave and she is asleep?" dead after morning coffee and 2 weeks with her husband? really how in the hell does that happen? and buried a week after spending days at the beach with her husband?  a god? i dont think so not for a minute.

beer on friday... yep that is where i am with my beer and lap top cause the man of my life, the one so familiar with me man is asleep in his hammock and i am having to listen to this super weird depressing radio station...alone again
i want to get rid of the buzz and stay up and plan all the things i will at least plan to do--

Einstein told me tonight that he was fine i he died tonight if this was it.... i am so not alright with it for either of us my heart is screaming so loud LIVE do it ! just do it

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