Sunday, June 17, 2012

shut my eyes to catch my breath

a couple of days ago i realized how shallow each inhale was that is how i know fear is creeping around.  if i shut my eyes it makes the fear invisible and i air flows in with ease.
sitting here in the shade today in the echos of small kids and parents in the adjoining yards. whimpers of tired and or hungry very small girls and the sound of boy trying to kick a ball into the next time zone.  do the parent really understand that to day is a precious moment in their lives? probably not they are in the weekend state of relaxing and planning for monday.

this is my mess! my big beautiful mess! that makes me so proud! has taught me so much about life and about myself. they came, they ate,laughed, hugged and left! and my mantra that last 30 mins is dont cry be proud but pride makes my eyes flood too!

So we went out and about...Actually einstein was too agreeable to "wander a flea market with me?" even though it was so perfectly beautiful outside today (rare in mid June) but he said yes--

We found such treasures!

Such thinking outside of the box!

love the rose pedal stool

and such wonderful things doors can do

and a hall door with shelves and mirror! perfect for an indie entry foyer - possibly in chicago!

How about a "cup of light" for my deck!

and then we have another reminder that no matter who you were when you pass on all of those who remembered you are passed your life can end up in a flea market!

well the long and the short of this is that einstein really wanted to get me to the Floor ware house to look at hard wood flooring!!

and miracles of miracles we found two we agree on for an already "judge" paneled family room--
Bamboo flooring--
so today i will end the day with a  moment with my most fav characters in the universe!

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  1. "but pride makes my eyes flood too" -- beautiful mom.