Monday, June 11, 2012

"do you really feel that out of control of your life?"

duh yes!
of course if you think about how fragile your life is and you want to plan a bit ahead (not too much cause i love flexible too) you want to do a few of the things you always wanted to and it will take some planning on my part--
That was my einstein's reaction when i told him i wanted to plan a trip to orlando- oh well i thought i just go by myself cause you wont be ready!

stomach bug hit our house this weekend too- made me wonder if it was "my day" since Friday! ;o)

son drove into town and stayed with us which was amazing! and made me happy but between that and the bug well my weekend didnt get any of my list done- and that my friends is how my weekends (my only free time) my plans get away slipping like sand in an hour glass

So now i am down to 3 weekends in june - and any remaining june-bug time will have a theme "Chicago chicago here we come" cause the newly weds think its time to move on from the hotlanta to the Windy City
06.15  toes - in -the - sand  - son   come home again-- this next one and of course i know family time is very limited and i will drop anything in a minute for any extra time--- yard, and farmer market
06.23 possible here but there will be good bye parties to be a part of
06.29  big concert in our little square and we have a table reserved - the little family will head out on July 1!

and there we have it- time gone--gotta look at smaller bucket list of to dos

wanted to post an obviously favorite -denim placemats i would love to make them fit different shaped trays for eating at our deck

love time in my garden... thanks able- to- build- anything! big A

Our Deck:  thank you big A and belle' MOR
(together they make "Amor - god of love;" )
Big A made us a garden and Mor insisted we get it planted weeks earlier than i have ever put anything in the ground -- which was good because now we are getting veggies for our labor..

 having waited and waited This round red  just got picked for our sunday breakfast ummmm ~~

gonna go work on my list...

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