Friday, June 1, 2012


speaking of fresh! happy fresh start to a new month, a new season (tho here in the south spring and summer blend together much earlier which is why i stay in the south!)

day 5 of watching what goes in my mouth, thinking of healthy food and wonderful tasty cold water with fresh mint (that I grew).
This is actually going easier than i thought- (first 10lbs usually are) and i am not expecting fan*ta*bu*lous results at my weigh in Friday cause i did celebrate memorial day weekend with beer and banana pudding but since Monday i actually realize i am not thrilled by the oreos i am thrilled by telling myself that i deserve to NOT eat the oreos !
Fresh home grown romaine lettuce, parsley banana pepper, basil with locally grown gourmet turnips cut very thin and all topped with a wonderful new fav lime-honey vinaigrette dressing 
I have made it a point to get out and about on walks and conscious of the water drinking trying to take in half my body weight in oz of water but at very least 64 oz.  It has had a positive affect on my energy level and hunger control

This is a salad i tossed together a couple of weeks ago when i first found the lime-honey vinaigrette dressing... it had apples and strawberries along with the Romaine Lettuce and arugula as well

this crisp flavorful and yes a bit of time consuming salads were tasty and visually appealing and the goal will be to top 'em this weekend!  Because we deserve delicious fresh meals.

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