Wednesday, May 30, 2012

kohl rabi ahhh what is that?

dont get me wrong - i love mondays that fall on tuesday - but tuesdays are happy days cause they are not monday! any day is happy to not be monday but look now they ask tuesday to cover for monday! HATE THAT and then no day after that feels right!

farmers market in my not so little town square had a family farm there that sold me this strange little veggie--  the husband was very nice and said his wife had put some recipies up to try with this :

Kohl Rabi 

one of the many reasons i like the farmers market is i get to meet and learn  

took this funny little guy home, and found the recipes.  I chose to go with the roasting it and threw i n some freshly bought squash and seasonings covered with aluminum and roast similarly as i would a potato

It was alot of fun to show before and after to the family and then have them taste it.  some said it was like a Brussels sprout but different.  one thought it like a turnip but not as bitter and one thought it was like a potato but not!  So we may not have enough tastes or vocabulary to make this one as appealing but it did bring great smiles:

and after all the stress i have felt over this 3 day weekend let me say HOORAY!!!

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  1. it really is a scary looking thing! haha I love our smile collage