Sunday, May 27, 2012

long weekends are ...

stressful is probably not the first word that comes to mind when you realize that there is a 3 day weekend looming in front of you...unless you are more like me than not~

what will i do that is fun, will make me laugh, fulfill me, make it memorable....what am i going to think of to do that is fun for all but not "work" for me.  how will i entice others to come spend time with me and not be sad that all my kids are not home and eager to chill around can i get excited about dong "house work" that bugs me daily but now i have time to do and dont really want to!

well it starts with an argument on Thursday evening so you go to bed at 8:30pm-- which was badly needed but.... then you wake very early and pack a bag to run away just incase this is the time you are really going to run. THEN you go to the office before 7;00am - that you really dont like, sit in a cubicle and hope you dont piss off your yankee bitch of a boss....then it is 4:30 and you leave...

Start the weekend at the usual mexican restaurant with at least one of my favorite kids and her husband--then off to a free local "square event"  this was very nice!  beer, older people than me there to enjoy the sounds of the "big band" group.  Wish i had gotten a picture with the first friend i made here, he was looking for a seat and i was hogging the only bench near the music gazebo.  He was tall, friendly eyes, blonde with a healthy dose of sun color on his face, beautiful shade of orange sherbert shorts on, and he was early to mid 70's.  he had spent a lifetime in the same town that i have called home for over 25 years. (guess that is a life time too)  finally met his wife - nice old couple that was very real - she complained she couldnt hear from where we were sitting and he told her to "just turn up your hearing aide!"  lol!
love my not so little town

my take on life and married life in particular is becoming more simple (at least in my own head) do what you enjoy and enjoy what you do or dont do it! not many years left healthy and free to do--
soon one of us will not be well and the other will be sad and struggle daily with the other's distress until one of us dies and the other is going to be so sad and wonder why we didnt do more that we enjoyed.  till then well we are pretty easy to entertain!

I personally hate our house-- it is a good house for someone but not me- i want to embrace my inner hippie ( and no that doesnt mean be stoned all the time just some times) and find a small 3 bedroom 2 bath house, hire a yard person- or be rid of the yard- hang things from the trees. lots of funny little things- make strange sculpture and put it in the front yard maybe paint my house a funny color--- I want this--gypsy wagon
but for now i guess i will just go turn my shorts outside right- been wearing them inside out while posting and just realized it! LOL!! now that is entertaining!!
next post.... more pics less bitching---maybe  (

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