Sunday, May 27, 2012

monday day 1 of diet with ediets--

here we go! it wont be easy and i hate that- but i hate the way i feel about myself more-
Starting here at 150- yep 150! no muscle at all

weight loss simulator shows what 120 is gonna look like

waist 34
hips 41

lets take a minute and review why i am unhappy-
first emotional battle field with myself and it spills over into influencing my interaction with others in a negative way or in a very self humiliating way
nothing fits right even my stretchy jeans!
activity level is low to nothing and i have little to know energy most of the day.

So give my self a 3 week routine explosion!
Joined ediets which helped me alot so many years ago (I like being on a team no matter what)
spend 3 days looking at menus, recipes, "challenges" and have chosen the

  • Low glycemic impact diet  ("Our Glycemic Impact meal plan has the right nutritional balance to help you maintain blood sugar levels, avoid hunger and stay energetic all day while losing weight. You'll enjoy the perfect combination of complex carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats, making this a plan you can follow for life!")
  • 1200-1300 calories (pretty sure it will be closer to the 1300-1400 with amount of exercise)
  • 74oz of water a day PERIOD
  • signed up to play "life's Odyssey" and chart it all for 3 weeks to earn point for my team! 

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  1. blogging about this is going to make it alot more fun to stick to! goooooood luck! We will try to keep oreos out of the house for the next few weeks ;-)