Thursday, May 3, 2012

connect the dots or brain storming?

some call it train of thoughts ... but some songs i hear just do that..that start the train...
a head line on yahoo news (who would honestly call anything yahoo)
 "10 things you should never say to your children"
I didnt read the article but it started the train....
bet they all revolve around esteem and shit
our mothers didnt have that crap telling them what to do all day every day
sure some of them went way wrong but most did alright
wonder if anything about hard work and effort and failure were talked about....
thankfully the phone rings...(i am at work after all)

today was a day that was so quiet in the office that it was spooky! no managers, only admin and I think I was the only one that wanted to put the loud speaker on the local baseball game so we could all hear the team......lose! man glad we didnt do that that wouldve ruined the day!

then in the car late in the day...this came on and stirred emotions, and smells and smiles from when i was 12 or 13 Tiny Dancer....

i was chubby,
 we just got told we could wear nice "pantsuits" to school.
the spindle bed that is in the garage was in my room
i had a small radio that got the "new fm" station wkda-fm ( Then Clark Rogers came along in 72 or 73 and began programing cool tune again after midnight. No top 40 stuff. Rogers played album cuts again of the Stones, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane and the great bands.)

Momma was in the kitchen, tired, cooking dinner
often my sister and her 3 kids were there like most of the time
we rented a 3 bedroom house and first one i ever remembered living in
my dad was coming around drunk alot
we lived very near the "boulevard"
"Jesus Freaks" were not my kind at all but i knew what they were
tiny... wish i was .... could i ever be
could i runaway with a band and be their seamstress and fall in love with the lead singer and be beautiful and wild and totally safe but living the totally rebellious life!

that is when i totally fell in love with this song and the singer... and then his denim album cover

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