Monday, April 30, 2012

found some of my funny

thursday and friday of last week i noticed my ability to make myself laugh had disappeared!  it was so starting to bother me that i had to call my sister (only one that can make me laugh when NOTHING else can)  told her the bad news...
she replied "poor baby...I will call you later"  well never heard from her!

the enternal suffering continued thru the weekend.  I would find myself getting very bitter because my life sucks if i cant laugh at it.  So many jokes told to myself, so many times made such a shitty day so much better....
instead i found myself talking randomly and constant to those around me.  sometime reminiscing like some old fool.  made myself cry thinking about the next kid that will leave for faraway lands (chicago --> atlanta is far yall)

really miserable with mr einstein (cause he always lightens my moods you know)

well it came back to day while i was outside on my new deck--- surrounded by windows with out glass, and shutters bolted together as a wall to avoid direct neighborly gawking!

and the 'rock n' roll star came out.  He is married, has since cut his hair and builds things like herb gardens from kits at home depot (we cant all have my son in law in the house!!)
and buys wood chips and little tykes stuff (sandboxes and picnic tables)
He is trying so hard to fit into suburbia~~ that it makes me laugh!! and that is all it took.

This character is all made up in my head, his stories are all made up in my head.  I have no idea what his real life is like ~ probably as boring as the rest of ours!  But when they first moved in they were young (late 20s early 30s)  He had wild curly shoulder length hair  - she is still a very attractive blonde but i have nothing to add to that~~ B*O*R*I*N*G

I like the made up neighbor stories and i hope someone is doing a few for my house as well.

he so obviously loves his wife and kids but misses the occasional jam session-- i have seen him twitch when we have our radio up a little loud some times i turn it up louder just to see if it will send him over the edge--
my Einstein  doesnt get it...i think he is a tad jealous of my made up friendship--he keeps wanting me to admit he is an accountant some where "only if his wife insisted that he work for her dad so they can live here"
ok how about an astronaut, "bla no never-- way to conservative"  I want a rebel living  behind me! yeaaaa
will keep you posted on the rockin roller--- he is out taking photos of his twins, he just loves his matter what he does to make money~~~

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