Sunday, April 29, 2012

didnt like that first post anyway

shezz had a post, but the internet gods said no!
so i will show you - Detox salad with a honey lime vinaigrette dressing. oh so ummy! lots of lemon water with a splash of tea for some flavor
(we wont tell you how the entire bag of double stuffed Oreo disappeared as well!)

My einstein started redoing the bathroom ceiling oh about 2 months ago...after "thinking about how to do it" for oh at least one year...  and apparently it didnt work.  That is wood glue on the ceiling that was in fine condition 2 months ago (it does look like baby poo but it is glue : - )
This morning i had to make it thru a maze of 2x4's that are holding the new ceiling in place (oh gods of do it yourself please help him)
meanwhile the ceiling that needs fixing is  ummmm untouched and maybe that is better-- i will hire some one to fix it while we are work and it will be like an elf has been here!

Meanwhile--some wonderful son in law built a deck for me!!  of course he had some FABULOUS help!!  these 2 are a fun couple to be around

and last but not least.... Alisa Burke was there to encourage my hand in the art--- now dont be disappointed, it took alot to do that!  will stir this pot a bit more this week!

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  1. your posts lately have made me smile :-) I am confident we will keep eachother "in touch with our lives" via blogland, so miles won't seem so far.