Saturday, April 28, 2012

saturday morning magic

these mornings have a routine all their own to be sure.  they are very quiet, and i am very alone. (seem to be the only one that cant sleep past 7:30 am around here)
but they are very much like my jewels though.  and I treasure them.

  • get my coffee 
  • ignore the cats a bit longer
  • grab my laptop
  • note pad, and pen
  • and imagine what if i could get it all done today 
  • grocery, cook, clean, create, renew a room, decorate to bring on simplicity in life style

Here before the day unfolds there are so many possibilities; yes this will be the time where i find all the right stuff, stir my own creative juices and show the world... i am orderly planner, artist with food, paint, home making, food and even with lists!! and find the time to get everything done!
exercise, cook, shop, even host a dinner....but certainly be better prepared for the coming week~
did i forget laundry! whoops and do the laundry AND put it away...
stay tuned to see what actually becomes of the day and its magic!

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  1. THIS is my momma blogging. I like the peek into your quiet morning moments.