Tuesday, April 24, 2012

artist in metamorphosis

you know the itchy, frustrated feeling of thinking the idea is great and all you need to do is get it down on paper- and then you get the paper and pencil together the move so nicely along but then there is a screeching halt! a road block and AHHHH!

flip thru inspiration, wonder if you will ever make the time to listen to and watch the videos so that i can learn more. I paid for them because i really want to learn but then ....home i sit with einstein and watch tv and doodle the same old doodles  nothing new or fresh....

then creeping around on fB i found an old "friend" and she looks so like better than she did 40 years ago that i havent sent her a friend request.  but maybe i should tho so i can meet her plastic dr! cuz he is good!

1 comment:

  1. haha this post made me laugh with its unexpected ending ;) you are awesome at your doodles...dont belittle them! art is a struggle, i think that is something artists say.