Friday, June 1, 2012

fridays just arent what they use to be

first! I lost a pound!! and acquired 2 tiny too little to be away from their momma kittens now i have 6 in the house and I m allergic to them! yep have asthma and everything!

but i lost a pound, learned i can discipline myself, and may find more than an escape from life  right here!

make has been a word that has really tumbled thru my head and thoughts this week  can anyone "make" another happy? 

frustrated is a tone of the evening... to sit thru a 9.5 hour day, a 44 hour week and want smiles and laughs. 2 of my adult children were very self absorbed - oh well they had their own weeks i know and fine! but then avengers? and talk of being so tired at 8:30pm - oh well i dont really care other than this is a stupid movie and i may go pay full price to see it some place alone

then ediets frustrated me! why cant i find my way around at all that site!!
my life is frustrating me!  cuz its really "made" by others and it "makes" me frustrated!!

avengers? are you kidding me? ahhhh and it isnt even a good copy! i think i need a chick week!

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