Friday, October 21, 2011

ok it is friday and

It is friday and I am not so happy to report that other than taking my 1billionth car load to good will - not much of my challenge has been touched! Oh the little reminders come to my phone and I read them and smile and delete!
Modge Podged 2 things to a page before the kids came over with the first load o move in....their two kittens are here. But in that brief moment of creativity I heard a couple of things in my head...Gratitude towards myself and humor is my gift - topped with a hefty drizzle of gift of mediator.
This week
began with a boulder of hurt feelings- by none other that the rocket scientist himself. Of course I blame myself for being so needy but it did keep me away ALOT of Sunday night.

quickly interrupted mid morning by the gifted wonder woman daughter...dealing with siblings that she would like to just put out into the street. many painful arthritic texts later....because neither of us are short winded-

lead into a change in plans for the entire family a month out! for someone so anti-judgement she is wont do anything but judge this relationship.

then i got the greatest text, "wish you were here to take care of me" our almost 19 year college animal was very sick. i do worry she is pushing the party limit but assure myself she is a smart kids and will realize eventually her own limits or she will lose the scholarship and be home!

what I would most like to do in the next life - or the next few days-
get the couple settled in there make believe apartment at the other side of our house.
get a couple of good family recipes and a generous amount of food in the pantry
get to the gym
and push myself to finish one page of my art journal and stop moving supplies, looking at other's on blogs,
putting my "things" together--

My Song page will most certainly start with WHITE CHRISTMAS (which I havent sung in a long time fyi)
but it is a song i sing when i am happy with life, my life. OUR HOUSE just bubbles up when I say those words, or am trying to keep my doldrums away...THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKING...light hearted feeling of taking control of my own life.

Damn the rocket scientist is out of the turn....the day starts....wonder what will happen...

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  1. were you really up at 2:56 AM??? or is the clock on your blogger off by a few hours? ;) I need you to teach me how to make a blog pretty.