Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My oh my

I have wanted an iPad for sooo long! And my Einstein won the lottery I had my piece of it spent! I was so excited to buy myself an iPad and probably one with a blue cover!
Einstein's first surprise of the season ---a blue covered iPad
Christmas came early so we could all be together for a Christmas celebration and feast! Actually it came and went so quickly that it left me a bit taken a back.
So as I move thru the decorations so ready to be put away and food to be prepared and packing to relocate it astonishes me that every single time I turn around my Einstein is on my iPad picking new games or playing one. He has put more hours on this little monster than I ever could.

So tonight as he slyly asked me to sit next to him while I played on it and he started playing my game till I handed it over to him.damn an hour goes by and he has added four more games and tells me not to delete them -- it's my iPad he has a super mega soul sucking computer but he wants my iPad too

What if I said no!

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