Wednesday, September 5, 2012

an afternoon when a great feeling came back to me

Watching our latest and greatest western (yes i love westerns and i do love clint eastwood)

anyway one of the characters very handsome long haired cowboy southern soldier gallops across the land .  The camera is at an angle that reminds me suddenly of what it feels like to go really fast across the field on a horse.

My horse riding days were brief but very much appreciated.  Against all better judgement my Einstein  helped me purchase a young horse.  I spent several months of learning about and caring for my horse, Shadow.  These where some of the hard days of having 4 children and 2 wild crazy teenage boys - ESCAPE to the barn was mental therapy.

Then one day my own cowgirl voice said get on a let him run...
it was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced.  So much so that i did it several times just in that one afternoon and fell head over hills in love with my Shadow.

Another afternoon he was way out near a large creek and I had to walk  out for him (honestly i loved walking the pasture as well as riding in it)  Any way I happened near a fallen tree that I stood on and called for him.  When he came to me it just felt right to just climb on - bareback - simple head harnessed.  a few steps and a couple of click sounds and we were trotting ever so smoothly back to the barn for saddling up and cleaning for a good rumble across the open land

And i had almost forgotten that amazing feeling....

Thank you memory cell!

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