Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ok whatever

What the hell was I thinking when I said yes to a puppy I mean now we are moving, I have a grandbaby on the way! My cat that never was "pretty" is having an emotional break down ( I can certainly understand) and she is pulling her fur out! So now she looks like I dropped her in nair chemicals,
My day is consumed with walking feeding and catching the "poo moment" just right!
I mean at 55 should I be doing this with arthritis in my feet so bad that it is heaven just to get off my feet!

The vet has taken all of my money so I borrowed some to get some shoes to make my feet happy- oh but then I did have to try some Botox cause all this worry and confusion about being 55 has caused a huge crevice in my brow that only an act of god could join together again.

So now since I don't have fur to pull out I just chew on the meaning of life, love, and not love and not life and how did I get here anyway?

Use to be my days were filled with lunatic kids and preteens--> and I would smile and love the bustle of confusion of the moment cause I thought it would so lovingly untangle and euphoria would fuel life! But you know what? They slipped right thru my hands and went into the world leaving me just dazzzed and confuzzzed. I didn't even see it happen humph!

I can remember running/jogging with head phones blaring led zeppelin and my pony tail swaying back and forth up the steep hills and knowing I was about as happy as the universe could allow in the realm of human life! My kids were greatest ever birthed, my husband was so cool, extremely desirable and made fabulous money!! And my ass was perfect thanks to the hills so I could run faster and stronger.

Wonder if I could cage that moment to fuel my life again - naaaa it makes my feet hurt
What is anybody gonna do with a gramzzz hot perfect ass anyway? But man what a great 45 mins that was .....think I will just wear that feeling for a bit longer....

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  1. Just wait for "almost" 70!!You have no idea how bad your feet will hurt. Along with everything else by the way.