Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New distractions to "must do's"

Life here is so different and enjoyable! And often mesmerizing. I wake now to two dogs that are ON fully awake with no coffee! My pain filled feet scream as I try to make it to the coffee and Advil and allergy meds, but I am happy. Excited to go out side and watch the day break open.

This morning the dogs went out with a clamoring of chaotic dog joy and immediately spotted an armadillo  "running" across the neighbors open field. This began the morning chorus of barking that makes me wish I had a gun. Ahhhh damn dogs! Get them inside the house so the amazingly created armadillo can get away (personally they are ugly hard shelled opossum and they creep me out) 

After some "timeout" in the kitchen and knowing this would be the cool part of the day we came back out to my fav sit spot
And there is such a smell of skunk that we all wave our hands and or tails and scan the area quickly - we didn't see anything but they let their presence be known.
Finally with coffee an arm reach away the dogs settled enough that I can hear the fountain and the birds we will all wait for the amazing colors that will only be visible early morning and close of day. They are the most beautiful pinks and purples. 

Yesterday I gave myself permission to work on a table that I found for $10.00 at good will store. Nothing amazing except that someone painted it a shit brown when it was such a pretty oak - and it feels like real wood to me! I am not an expert but...
And after
It still needs some like sanding and love but I am feeling blog about it happy

And at 11:00 am I made myself stop clean up and start in on the boxes...
And then I said naaaaa.... Go out and finish painting the table for opals room:
Not as pleased about the patterns I put together here but it was my first try. I do love the colors and the quote! It was a $5.00  table from ikea so I couldn't justify any more time on it! Plus a lot of my art supplies are still in boxes! LoL that I don't want to open!

Today is off to a good start - no one got sprayed by a skunk! And I got to sit right here a blog journal without a dog bark or stampede so I will go put my hair up and begin the box job again! I am so excited they are coming to pick up the empty ones today! Should be able to start making it look more comfortable inside now -- especially since we are look for temps of 100 and more this week.

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  1. Armadillos, skunks, and amazing sunrises? That sounds a lot like MY typical morning. You wouldn't, by chance, be living in the Texas Hill Country, would you?