Friday, July 19, 2013

Fridays off

Einstein gets every other Friday off. Nice huh? Except it messes with my time! He needs to do things that aren't important to me but keep him busy -that is unless he can't find something! Which is every time he needs something. 
Now we are working on "broadcasting signal" to our guest house 100 yards away! 
(For the daughter that no longer wants to be here!) 
there are three boxes needed to do this and they have to fit in my decor some how! He has the radio playing out in the sun room and I can't hear it just enough to know its on! But he says he likes to hear it when he goes outside! Well he hasn't been outside but to let the dog in! Arrrrrrgh!

We will also get our drivers licenses, sit on couches (hope to purchase that today) a class at the gym and hoping a margarita is on the schedule as well!  The sun came out yesterday for the first time since getting back from Chicago

And it was almost as bight as this sweet baby:
 Haha love this face

Started a sketch class yesterday - my fav artist ever
And got so excited I found a couple things I want to utilize: 
Both are garden pieces
And this is a sketch inspired by a hair clip! Lol

Well dog is crying and I am just getting more and more agitated guess I will go shower and get this party started!

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