Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jan 1, 2013 here it comes ready or not

By 10:00 am I have gone out in the rain (yes another rainy day) and walked two dogs after cleaning one poo pile up! Fed the cats and now on to the second cup of coffee.

Not sure how to upload pics to this from my iPad so may have to use a new account at live journal--

But looking thru emails and all my fav blog artist and art instructors have some really powerful ideas and merchandise for helping me to have the most amazing year 2013

Already have a bit going on the first half - we are being relocated to Fort Worth, tx and our first grandchild is due 07/03/13 in Chicago.

But a couple of goals I have for self is to move away from living in the past or putting all my dreams into what ifs of the future. I would hope to embrace each moment as present and stop killing my life motivation in food and self pity. If I am mad be mad and let Einstein know it and why.
Awareness of who I am and what I need in simple terms of jen-zen aware 2013
(Photo from "zen beach" Alaska 2010 I weighed what I am comfortable with had all my kids to myself for a week almost perfect if sam hadn't turned into a demon mid point but it will never rob me of the time in a far away land with the Best parts of my life with me and Einstein

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