Friday, March 22, 2013

A random thought

I love spring but my favorite place in the spring is marietta, ga.  This place usually warms up so quickly you have to ask "did we have spring?" And being insanely impatient I like it like that!

So we were in the Fort Worth area for a few days house hunting and as pleased as we are with a future there it felt like heaven to get back into the Atlanta traffic and head home!!

As soon as I got home I went to pick up our puppy

And we went for a walk around the neighborhood. The Bradford pear trees had bloomed out while we were gone and looked so pretty! Hooray winter is history ( well that moment I thought so!)
"I must get a picture to share with our  child gone north!"
And as we walked on past I realized why you never see a Yankee candle in the shop named "Bradford blooming" --- they really stink ---- and I mean really! Just like dog poo!! Ahhhh spring in Gawga!!! I love it

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