Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oh my look what I did

Oh my-- I had to get an eyebrow that was SO not where I wanted it! And went into our brand new bathroom to search and destroy the misdirected hair and of course the tweezers were not on top of the  beauty supply box but closer to the bottom. So I had to pull stuff out and spread things all over the counter top and keep track of the wayward hair. "Nail polish? That doesn't belong in this particular box! But it was Momma's and very special to me because it was one of her fav colors so I will set it over here."

Ahhhh omg nail polish -- old nail polish does it rinse? wipe?
omg how can I replace the sink without Einstein knowing?
OMG he is going to kill me! Lecture me to a slow and painful suicide!

Fingernail polish remover yeah!!! Nope doesn't work y'all!
Omg I can hear all of his stupid humiliating questions - please don't let my life end this way!!

random plans of survival running thru my head--- i will meet him at the door and ask for a divorce and be steps ahead of him! (Cause he will want one when he sees this sink)
He will be so surprised he will not care payout the new sink mess.

Inhale dear it's a white sink you need to think bleach thoughts --- white blood like stains, oh huh it's coming to me! Clorox magic wipes... I think I just bought some... And it will help my cut thumb I am sure

Ahhhh I believe I hear angels singing "glooory haliluyah" WELL if they weren't I WAS!!

just a little time with a smiling muscular bald guy and I won't have to ask for a divorce and I won't have to die humiliated by stupid Einstein questions either!! Life is really good!!!

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