Monday, March 25, 2013

Remembering on Monday

Had this great idea of a post about my trip to Nashville - it may still get some personal time because it does deserve it. For 26 years gone up and down that road to stay close to my family! One reason I was so excited to get here in 1985 was because we had been 8 different places and none were a weekend visit to my lil' red house.

But number 1 son just sent me a message to let me know that Leon russell was coming to town the end of April-- almost worth postponing move to Texas my friends! (And that may have been Son's thinking in telling me! Cause he has admitted he is dreading being the las stockard standing in Gawga)
Anyway let me just remind you I am such a child of the late sixties- seventies!! And this man's music is very much a part of my lifetime quilt (man I hope I never finish that project)

Let me share with you a song that still makes me cry: a song for you
Song for you

He played piano (most musician I was around (Big Mac) played guitar) Leon had the longest prettiest silver mane of hair and sang soft sweet love songs (check out his wedding album)
So many great emotions come up for the  Jumpin jack flash ballad
So many strong emotions in the song and in my life at the time this piano player had life figured out!

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