Friday, March 15, 2013

Again on the hunt

Yep ten years ago this month (March) we were headed to Georgia and I was elated! Home to my ' lanta which was really 30 minutes north of the city. It was home where we had owned our first house and raised our boys and had our girls. We had spent two years in Texas and while it was a nice place to visit it wasn't "home"!
Now today I am flying back to Texas! Omg! How did that happen? We are headed back for job security and hell our kids really grew up and left "home". So this will be a different experience not a repeat. Sometimes I do better on redo but this will be so different it won't count as a redo. Only thing...I am still leaving "home".

Never fear I have packed all my big girl panties and approaching this as an adventure - even as I peer out over the airplane wing at the buildings of hot'lanta and tears fall. The southern piece of the universe that I have honestly loved since I first met it at the age of twelve ( about 99 years ago).
We have waved good bye to two of our babies and one is looking SO hard for opportunities in the west- and one is thrilled to have an opportunity to go with us! (Surely she will meet the cowboy of her dreams and never leaves us out there!).
Really if at least our soon to be granddaughter and family came out there I could talk the others into more frequent visits and then I would be fine! Hahahaaa!

Now we have wide open pastures to prepare for! And only two houses that have captured our hearts and imaginations. No down sizing for these seniors no sirree! We need room for those once a year family gatherings (oh please kids prove me wrong and visit LOTS) and I know my life will now be filled with airplane tickets and trips north and south and maybe even a couple more returns to see Sam and lauren in marietta!
I think this period of my life was delayed for a reason ( you know the period where your kids grow and move far away) it was delayed for a reason-- my piece of mind! Now the things that I love are also things that remind me I am not 45 any more I am seriously 55! How the fuck does that happen anyway!? My sister told me it would and I laughed and said yea some day but not today
( in true scarlet fashion)
So I AM a grand mother I like that a lot I hate that she is so freakin far away! But I will make the best of our budget and airlines to be sure she knows me and her sorta name sake - "granny"
So I can order bloody Mary's on the airplane cause my dear sweet husband said "I want you to enjoy this trip like a princess". ( I know what that means too I won't be a princes when the trip is over )
So I can retire and enjoy being on a budget well I suppose if it means I have the freedom to go see my babies whenever I want!!
So I can hold hands with my dear life long friend my husband. We still hold hands and forget what a novelty it is till some one in the airport in passing said, " I love it that you all hold hands" we decided it is the best way for us to keep up with each other as I am short and get lost in the crowds easily lol but it is calming to me to have his hand in mine (sometimes in a death grip) as we start off on another fucking adventure lol
And so I can say fucking cause I am a senior and I want to!

What an amazing thing thati can "journal" on the airplane and be ready to hit "publish" from my room tonight and my daughter and sister will instantly read my thoughts for the trip.
Note to self: always have a Bloody Mary on flight!


  1. oh this is probably my favorite post you have ever written

  2. Thanks it was so from my heart and almost with the tone I get while talking to phyllis -