Sunday, March 17, 2013

The catch

We did it- we found the house measured and tested its location. It fits us very nicely! So we put together an offer to be more appealing than the two ahead of us and now we wait....

And return home to slater mill. My attitude has been adjusted and it was due to two things.

* The area we are going to be apart of has rolling hills, large horse farms, trees ( not tall but significant in maturity). A lake--> river and small town feel. If I do get the job paying what I asked then it will be a very interesting position and it will cause me to claim a small part of Fort Worth AND Dallas as home.
* Even bigger than all of the physical elements the emotional element of my kids are as close to me as my phone! Which is my connection in marietta as well but I guess I had to experience that as well. So much texting, photo sharing, Instagram- we shared our day like always. So I am not leaving them we are not further apart - really! I need to tell them how important that was to my weekend!
Now to have actually taken time to call! That is my worst down fall because I hate to bother them but I need to get over that. Hell it is a freaking cell PHONE

This next chapter is going to be ok and actually gonna rock! Cause I am really getting excited about the house and the possibilities

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